Instant Articles Review

What Is Instant Articles Review?

We introduced the review process to help make sure that your readers have the best possible experience with your Instant Articles. We review a sample of your Instant Articles to confirm that all the text and media on your web articles is accounted for and that the layout and design presents your content as accurately as possible.

Before submitting your articles make sure that they comply with our content guidelines and Monetization Eligibility Standards.

Due to changes to the review process and the high volume of submissions expected, it may take at least 10 days or more to complete the review.

Note that Instant Articles will never post to your Facebook Page automatically, even after you are approved. Publishing Page posts happens independently from Instant Articles.

How Does Review Work?

  1. Consult the Submission Checklist to verify all the elements of your articles are ready.
  2. Create at least 10 articles before you submit for review the first time. We’ll select a random sample from the most recent 10 articles in your production library, so please remember to make sure they reflect your latest implementations and design.
  3. Our content review team will separately look at your website to ensure that your content follows our standards.
  4. All submissions are reviewed within 3-5 business days. Your reviewers will look at your website and the sample stories to ensure they comply with Instant Articles' program policies, content guidelines, Monetization Eligibility Standards and follow our design guidelines.
  5. If we see any issues with the articles you submitted, your reviewer will provide feedback on required updates to comply with policy and make sure your readers have the best experience. It’s not uncommon for new Instant Articles publishers to need changes after their first submission, so don’t worry if you are not approved right away.
  6. If you need to resubmit, your reviewers will look at your website and a random sample of articles selected from the most recent 10 available. Make sure you have 10 new or modified articles that reflect your most recent updates.
  7. You’ll be notified as soon as your submission is approved, and you can then begin publishing Instant Articles right away!

What Are the Criteria for Review?

When reviewing Instant Articles content we want to make sure that your work meets both our content quality standards and our design requirements.

It's important that people in our community feel respected and safe, so all content must comply with Facebook's Terms and Community Standards to be on Facebook.

We also have rules in place to dictate what content is eligible for monetization. Our content guidelines and Monetization Eligibility Standards provide more information on what kinds of content is prohibited on Facebook.

In general, an Instant Article should offer readers the same experience as the web version. All editorial content in the web version should appear in Instant Articles and the visual identity should feel consistent between the two. The exception to this rule is if you want to take advantage of special interactive features in Instant Articles that don’t work on the mobile web.

Providing your readers with high-fidelity, easy-to-read versions of your stories will increase engagement and sharing, and make readers eager to see more. To that end, make sure that your articles follow our policies and guidelines. The sample articles you choose to submit should demonstrate the use of media elements that will commonly appear in your Instant Articles. Learn about how to use social embeds, add images and add native videos to your Instant Articles.

Submission Checklist

Use this checklist to confirm you’re good-to-go before submitting your articles for review.

1. Download and use the Pages Manager app for your iPhone or Android device to preview what your articles will look like before they go live.

2. Create 10 or more articles that are ready for review. We’ll pick randomly from your most recent articles. Watch out for:

  • Missing or broken embeds. Double check that there are no missing embeds and that all embeds render correctly.
  • Incomplete articles. Instant Articles shouldn't be a partial or preview version of the full article. Check to make sure all the text and media renders.
  • Correct RSS feed. If you are exporting articles to Facebook through an RSS feed, make sure the articles you want reviewed are in your production feed and not a testing environment.

3. Follow our content guidelines and Monetization Eligibility Standards. We manually review your content to ensure it meets our quality standards and does not include inappropriate content. Watch out for:

  • Broken website: Make sure your domain loads at the URL you have provided.

4. Check that your articles conform to all Instant Articles program policies. Watch out for:

  • First screen content. No ads or related articles links should appear above the fold, before any scrolling.
  • Duplicate features or functionality. When an article contains features or functionality already built into the Instant Articles experience, like site navigation elements or Like, Comment and Share buttons, readers get confused. Please remove any of these repetitive elements.
  • Solo media items. If your article consists of a lone media item, such as a photo, single slideshow or video, place it in the body of the Instant Article. In other words, you don’t want an article where the only visual content is in the header—it’s fine to have a header section with headline and byline text only, because the media in such cases will be readily visible to readers below, on the first screen.

5. Follow the Instant Articles design guidelines. If you’re confused on how to format a certain design element, you should check out how to structure an article and our code samples. Watch out for:

  • Repeated media. Images or videos shouldn’t be repeated within the article body.
  • Low resolution media. For all media presented in the interactive mode (where inline media expands to fullscreen when tapped) please make sure that images are at least 1024x1024 and videos are at least 640x480. Alternatively, you can disable interactive mode for any given asset.

6. Use the Style Editor to create at least one customized article style for your Instant Articles. Watch out for:

  • Logo. Don’t forget the logo! Upload and scale your publication’s logo to a size that fits nicely in the identity bar. Remember to set the logo color so it stands out against the background of the identity bar.
  • Typography. If you use secondary and tertiary text elements like kickers and caption titles in the web versions of your articles, confirm they appear and are correctly styled in your Instant Articles. Make sure that credits for media elements are marked up properly and display in separate fields.

7. Serve all ads in your Instant Articles from either your own inventory or Facebook’s Audience Network. If you intend to implement ads in your articles, ads must be live for purposes of review (no placeholders) and should follow our ads experience policies. Watch out for:

  • Ad sizing. Ads should fit in their iframe containers correctly. Ads should align exactly with the text margins.
  • Clear demarcation for ads. Ads, whether image or video, must be clearly marked as sponsored by using our built-in ad functionality.

8. If you are using the API or an RSS feed to export your content, double check that articles update correctly when you change them in your CMS.

If it takes you more than one pass to complete the review process, don’t worry, this is pretty standard.

If your articles need to be updated to meet the Instant Articles policies and guidelines, you’ll receive notes from a reviewer specifying changes to make. When you resubmit, your reviewer will look at a random sample of articles selected from the most recent 10 available. Make sure you have 10 new or modified articles that reflect your most recent updates.