Video link covers are an Instant Articles feature that allow videos placed within the header of an article to autoplay in the feed unit. Video link covers are available inside Instant Articles as well as News Feed, Timeline and anywhere else there is an Instant Articles unit.

Once publishers opt in, this feature will be applied to all future articles published from their Page that include video headers.

All headers must fit 4:3 aspect ratio and any image or video is automatically cropped to that size. Videos included in headers will play silently but with an audio meter.

Video link covers will not appear for posts that have been boosted or sponsored.

Currently this feature is only available for iOS.

Pages are opted out of video link covers by default and can opt in from the Publisher Tools tab. Opt in is currently only at the Page level and Publishers cannot opt in to use this feature on individual posts.

To opt-in to this feature:

1) Go to the Publisher Tools tab of your Page.

2) Click Configuration under Instant Articles in the left hand navigation and scroll to the Tools section of the page.

3) Select “Video Feed Cover” in the Settings section.

4) Click Save. This will apply the link cover to all future articles that include a video header.