Branded Content

Publishers can create and publish branded content as Instant Articles. The following guide will help ensure the featured third-party product, brand or sponsor has visibility and that branded content is differentiated from editorial.

Add branded content to Instant Articles in two steps:

  1. Use our design tools to create a special look and feel for branded content in Instant Articles.
  2. Follow the branded content policies and if applicable, the Pages and ads policies.

Design Your Branded Content

1. Add a Marketer Logo

You are now able to add a marketer logo to your Instant Articles. Identify the third-party product, brand or sponsor featured in the article. We will automatically pull the marketer’s logo from the profile photo of their Facebook Page and insert it next to the Instant Article’s byline. The logo will appear on the left-hand side of the byline, below the title, with a preset size and aspect ratio.

To implement a marketer logo, insert the "op-sponsors" class in the element below into the article's <header>. Identify the URL for the Facebook Page of the marketer, and we will pull the marketer’s logo from their Page.

Note: On older iOS and Android versions, articles using the "op-sponsors" class will load as the mobile web version of the article.

<ul class="op-sponsors">
<li><a href="" rel="facebook"></a></li>

2. Customize the Byline

Change your byline and identify the marketer featured in the article as the author. To change the byline manually within Instant Articles rather than from your own CMS, refer to Creating Articles and change the byline section in the <header> of your article.

3. Add a Kicker

Use a kicker that will appear above the headline to clearly label the story as branded content. This will help distinguish branded content from other articles. Learn how to add an "op-kicker" class within the <header> of your Instant Article in the Creating Articles section.

4. Create a New Style

Give your branded content a completely different look and feel from your other Instant Articles by creating a new style. You can upload a new logo, change the color of the logo bar, use a different typeface and change your color scheme to match branded content on the web. Make a new style by clicking Creator Studio on the left navigation menu of your Page. To find the Style Editor, choose Links under Published or Pre-Published from the left navigation menu, and click on the gear icon on the right, then scroll down to Styles. Create your style, then add the name of the style in the <head> of branded content Instant Articles. Learn more about customizing the <head> in Creating Articles.

Facebook’s Branded Content Policies

You must comply with Facebook’s broader branded content policies when sharing branded content Instant Articles to your Page. And, if applicable, the ads policy as well. Learn more about implementing branded content in Page posts on Facebook.