This is a special endpoint that examines the Instagram User Access Token included in the request, determines the ID of the Instagram user who granted the token, and uses the ID to query the User endpoint.

App-scoped user IDs (ASIDs) have been introduced with API version 11.0. You may continue querying users by their raw user IDs or their equivalent ASIDs, however, version 11.0+ calls will receive ASIDs in response.

ASIDs will replace raw user IDs in approximately two years, when version 10.0 is deprecated, so we recommend that you begin mapping your app users to their equivalent ASIDs.


This operation is not supported.


GET /me

Get fields and edges on the User whose Instagram User Access Token is being used in the query. This endpoint translates to GET /{user-id}, based on the User ID identified by the access token used in the query.

Request Syntax


Refer to the User node reference for requirements and usage details.


This operation is not supported.


This operation is not supported.