This edge allows you to get media in which your Instagram Business has been photo tagged.


This operation is not supported.


Getting Tagged Media

To get media your business has been tagged in, send a GET request to the /user/tags edge on your Business Account.


  • Private media will not be returned


A User access token with the following permissions:

  • instagram_basic
  • instagram_manage_comments

If the token is for a User whose Page role was granted via the Business Manager, one of the following permissions is also required:

  • ads_management
  • manage_pages
  • business_management

Returned Fields

You can use the fields field expansion to get public fields on the returned media objects. Refer to the /media node reference for a list of available public fields.


This edge supports cursor-based pagination so the response will include before and after cursors if the response contains multiple pages of data. Unlike standard cursor-based pagination, however, the response will not include previous or next fields, so you will have to use the before and after cursors to construct previous and next query strings manually in order to page through the returned data set.

Sample Request

GET graph.facebook.com

Sample Response

  "data": [
      "id": "17902515472107807",
      "username": "bluebottle"


This operation is not supported.


This operation is not supported.