Instagram Platform API account IDs will not work with the new Instagram Graph API. Please use the Page node to determine the correct Instagram Business Account ID associated with the Facebook page.


This node represents an Instagram Business User, and allows you to:

  • get an Instagram Business User's metadata

This node's edges allow you to:


This operation is not supported.


Getting Metadata

To get metadata for an Instagram Business User, send a GET request to the /user node and include any of the following fields:

  • biography*
  • id*
  • ig_id
  • followers_count*
  • follows_count
  • media_count*
  • name
  • profile_picture_url
  • username*
  • website*

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are public fields, which means they can be returned by an edge using field expansion.


An access token from the Instagram Business User, with the following permissions:

  • instagram_basic

If the token is from a User whose Page role was granted via the Business Manager, one of the following permissions is also required:

  • ads_management
  • manage_pages
  • business_management

Sample Request

curl -i -X GET \

Sample Response

  "biography": "Dino data crunching app",
  "id": "17841405822304914",
  "username": "metricsaurus",
  "website": ""


This operation is not supported.


This operation is not supported.