Top Media

Represents a collection of the most popular photo and video IG Media objects that have been tagged with a hashtag.

Popularity is determined by a mix of views and viewer interaction using the same methodology that determines the top posts when searching for a hashtag on


This operation is not supported.


Getting the Most Popular Hashtagged Media

GET /{ig-hashtag-id}/top_media?user_id={user-id}&fields={fields}

Returns the most popular photo and video IG Media objects that have been tagged with the hashtag.

Query String Parameters

  • {user_id} (required) — The ID of the Instagram Business or Creator Account performing the query.
  • {fields} — A comma-separated list of fields you want returned. See Returnable Fields.


  • This edge only returns public photos and videos.
  • Responses are paginated with a maximum limit of 50 results per page.
  • You can query a maximum of 30 unique hashtags within a 7 day period.
  • You cannot request the username field on returned media objects.
  • Responses will not include any personally identifiable information.




Instagram Public Content Access



If the token is from a User whose Page role was granted via the Business Manager, one of the following permissions is also required: ads_management, business_management, or manage_pages.


A User access token of a Facebook User who has been approved for tasks on the connected Facebook Page.


An array of IG Media objects. Excess results will be paginated.

Returnable Fields

You can use the fields parameter to request the following fields on returned media objects:

  • caption
  • comments_count
  • id
  • like_count
  • media_type
  • media_url
  • permalink

Sample Request


Sample Response

  "data": [
      "id": "17880997618081620",
      "media_type": "IMAGE",
      "comments_count": 84,
      "like_count": 177
      "id": "17871527143187462"
      "media_type": "IMAGE",
      "comments_count": 24,
      "like_count": 57
      "id": "17896450804038745"
      "media_type": "IMAGE",
      "comments_count": 19,
      "like_count": 36
    ... // Results truncated for clarity
          "after": "NTAyYmE4..."
      "next": ""


This operation is not supported.


This operation is not supported.