Comment Moderation API

The Comment Moderation API is a subset of Instagram Graph API endpoints that allow you to reply to comments, delete comments, hide/unhide comments, and disable/enable comments on your Business Account's media object.

Endpoints & Webhooks

The API consists of the following endpoints:

  • The /comment node — to delete and hide/unhide comments.
  • The /commment/replies edge — to get replies and reply to comments.
  • The /media node — to disable/enable comments on a media object

Refer to each endpoint's reference documentation for parameter and permission requirements.

Common Uses

Getting & Replying to Comments

You can get all of the comments on one of your media objects, analyze and filter the returned data set against specific criteria, then reply to any comments that match your criteria.

First, use the /media/comments edge to get all of the comments and their IDs on your media object:

Sample Request


Sample Response

  "data": [
      "timestamp": "2017-08-31T18:10:30+0000",
      "text": "I love this!",
      "id": "17873440459141021"
      "timestamp": "2017-08-31T19:16:02+0000",
      "text": "This is awesome!",
      "id": "17870913679156914"
    ... // results truncated for brevity

Next, parse the returned results for comments that match whatever criteria you are using and use the matching comments to reply in the comment thread to the Users who made the comments:

Sample Request


Sample Response

  "id": "17873440459141029"

If you have a lot of comments that you want to reply to, you could batch the replies into a single request.