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Graph API Root Nodes

This is a full list of the Graph API root nodes. The main difference between a root node and a non-root node is that root nodes can be queried directly, while non-root nodes can be queried via root nodes or edges. If you want to learn how to use the Graph API, read our Using Graph API guide, and if you want to know which APIs can solve some frequent issues, try our Common Scenarios guide.

Instance for an achievement for a user.

Achievement Type

Graph API Reference Achievement Type /achievement-type


A photo album

App Link Host

An individual app link host object created by an app

App Request

An individual app request received by someone, sent by an app or another person


A Facebook app

Application Context

Provides access to available social context edges for this app

Async Session

Represents an async job request to Graph API

Audience Insights Rule

Definition of a rule

CTCert Domain

A domain name that has been issued new certificates.


A canvas document

Canvas Button

A button inside the canvas

Canvas Carousel

A carousel inside a canvas

Canvas Footer

A footer of the canvas

Canvas Header

A header inside the canvas.

Canvas Photo

A photo inside a canvas

Canvas Product Set

A product set inside the canvas

Canvas Store Locator

A store locator inside the canvas

Canvas Text

Text element of the canvas

Canvas Video

A video inside canvas


A comment can be made on various types of content on Facebook. Most Graph API nodes have a /comments edge that lists all the comments on that object. The /comment node returns a single comment.


A Facebook Messages conversation between a person and a Facebook Page


A Document


A web domain claimed within Facebook Insights

Education Experience

The person's education history


An event


Represents a flight in a catalog

Friend List

This represents a user's friend list on Facebook


A Facebook group.

Group Doc

Graph API Reference Group Doc /group-doc

Instagram Carousel

An Instagram carousel

Instagram Comment

An Instagram comment

Instagram Media

An Instagram media

Instagram User

An Instagram user

Life Event

Page milestone information


A link shared on a wall.

Live Encoder

An EntLiveEncoder is for the live encoders that can be associated with video broadcasts. This is part of the reference live encoder API

Live Video

A live video

Mailing Address

A mailing address object


An individual message in the Facebook messaging system.


Graph API Reference Milestone /milestone

Native Offer

A native offer represents an Offer on Facebook. The /{offer_id} node returns a single native offer. Each native offer requires a view to be rendered to users.


Graph API Reference Notification /notification

Object Comments

This reference describes the /comments edge that is common to multiple Graph API nodes. The structure and operations are the same for each node.

Object Likes

This reference describes the /likes edge that is common to multiple Graph API nodes. The structure and operations are the same for each node.

Object Reactions

First revision to publish

Object Sharedposts

Shares of this object

Offline Conversion Data Set

A Data Set for Offline Conversions object

Open Graph Action Type

An Open Graph action type

Open Graph Context

Social context

Open Graph Object Type

An Open Graph object type

Oracle Transaction

A monthly invoice generated for an Atlas campaign.


Returns a Page.

Page Admin Note

Page's admin note

Page Call To Action

Page's call-to-action

Page Label

Page's label


This object represents a single Insights metric that is tied to another particular Graph API object (Page, App, Post, etc.).


A single payment


This represents a Photo on Facebook.


A place

Place Information

Get information about a Place

Place Tag

A Place Tag

Place Topic

The category of a place Page


Graph API Reference Post /post


Graph API Reference Profile /profile

Promotion Info

A promotional info for the post.

RTBDynamic Post

A dynamically generated Post, used for Dynamic Ad Creatives


An app request received by a person. A request can be sent by an app or another person

Saved Message Response

A saved message response for a Facebook Page


A status message in a profile's feed

Test User

A test user for a Facebook app


A messages thread in Facebook Messenger


Shares, app links, and Open Graph objects for a URL


Returns a User.

User Context

Social context for a person


A Video

Video Copyright

A video copyright

Video Copyright Rule

A video copyright rules

Video List

A playlist for videos

Video Poll

Embedded video poll

Video Poll Option

Represents a single poll option that may be selected by the user

With Asset3D

Represents a 3D Asset.

Work Experience

Information about a user's work

Graph API Root Edges

Root edges are edges that can be queried directly. They allow you to access collections of nodes that are not on a parent node.

Returns the certificates issued for a domain name.


Endpoint to generate preview without using any Facebook specific assets (e.g. adaccount)