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You can't perform this operation on this endpoint.


You can make a POST request to page_about_story edge from the following paths:
When posting to this edge, a Page will be created.


array<JSON object>

Blocks of entities of the About Story. A block can be composed of an entity such as a header, a paragraph, a list, a link, or an image and can include styling of elements within each block. Required.

  • depth (int, optional)- The indent value of text. Only takes effect when type is UNORDERED_LIST_ITEM or ORDERED_LIST_ITEM.
  • entity_ranges (array, optional) - Describes an MEDIA entity such as an image or link.
    • offset (non-negative int) - The index of the entity from the left side border where index starts at 0. For IMAGE, this should be 0 since the image itself always take up a block. For LINK, for example, your text is “Welcome to Facebook” and you want “Facebook” to be a link. Set offset to 10, since “F” is the 10th character, and length to 8 since "Facebook" is 8 characters long.
    • length (non-negative int) - The number of characters of the entity. For IMAGE, this should be 1. offset plus length cannot be greater than the length of the text content.
    • key (int) - Used to find the IMAGE or LINK in the entity_map This key should be identical to the key of entity_map.
  • inline_style_ranges (array, optional) - The style applied to a word or group of text within a line in the text block. Value can be one of the following:
    • length - The number of characters the style is applied to.
    • offset - The index of the start of the styling. Indexing starts at 0.
    • style - The style to apply to the characters. The value can be one of the following: BOLD, CODE, ITALIC, NONE, or UNDERLINE.
  • text (string, optional) - The text of the About Story
  • type (string, optional) - The style type. Value can be on of the following: BLOCKQUOTE, CODE, HEADER_ONE, HEADER_TWO, MEDIA,ORDERED_LIST_ITEM, UNORDERED_LIST_ITEM, or UNSTYLED.

JSON object {string : int64}

The cover photo of your Page About Story.

  • photo_id - The ID of the photo that has already been uploaded to Facebook. Required
  • x_offset - The horizontal offset. (int)
  • y_offset - The horizontal offset. (int)

array<JSON object>

Description of an entity map. Values include:

  • caption - The description under the image.
  • key - Should be the same value as the key of composed_text[entity_ranges] . Required.
  • photo_id - Required for PHOTO type.
  • position - Position of an image: CENTER (default),LEFT , RIGHT .
  • size - Size of image:NONE (default), COLUMN , LARGE , or MAXIMUM. Only used when position is set to CENTER .
  • type (enum) - IMAGE or LINK . Required.
  • url - A link within your text. Required when type is set to LINK .


Indicated if the About Story is published or not.

Default value: ""

The title of your Page About Story.

Return Type

This endpoint supports read-after-write and will read the node represented by page_about_story_id in the return type.
Struct {
page_about_story_id: numeric string,

Validation Rules

210User not visible


You can't perform this operation on this endpoint.


You can't perform this operation on this endpoint.