Learn the most common features of the Graph API Explorer.



Application to use for your request. To test you can use the Graph API Explorer but if you have an app you'd like to use instead you can select it from the dropdown.


Access Token menu allows you to select a User, Page, or App access token. The permissions you need will be selected in this flow.


Access Token that you can copy and paste to test in your code. Click on the circle icon to view information about the token such as type, expiration date/time, permissions applied, etc.


The book icon displays favorite queries you have starred (click on the grey star at the right side of the query box to turn it to gold). This not only allows quick access to favorite queries but includes a search when you have many favorites.


The action menu allows you to select the HTTP method to use in your request.


Select the API version from the dropdown. This allows you to see the results of a query using the API version of your app.


The request path.


This panel lists the node or edge you are querying along with fields of that node or edge. Click on the + to select fields from a list or use the type-ahead box to search. This list may include fields or edges not available on all nodes or edges. If the list does not appear, you may not be logged into your Facebook account or submit a simple query to let the app know what node your are working with.


The response to your requests.


An example of the request code you would need to write using our various SDKs or cURL. Use the Get Code button to show this box.


Copy Debug Information allows you to copy debug information to submit a bug.


Save this particular query session for later use. It saves the query and selected permissions, so it can be run again with a new access token.