Version 3.2

Released October 23, 2018 | Available until TBD | Link to Blog Post


These changes apply to v3.2+.

GET /{app-id} — Reading an app's statistics now requires that app's access token. This affects the following fields:

  • daily_active_users
  • daily_active_users_rank
  • weekly_active_users
  • monthly_active_users
  • monthly_active_users_rank

Instagram Graph API

These changes apply to v3.2+.

The /{instagram-media-id}/comments edge now returns GET results in reverse chronological order instead of chronological order.

Page Insights

These changes apply to v3.2+, and will apply to all versions on January 21, 2019.

Period parameters have been changed to day from lifetime for the following metrics. The lifetime period parameter will return an empty dataset.

  • page_fans
  • page_fans_city
  • page_fans_country
  • page_fans_gender_age
  • page_fans_locale


These changes apply to v3.2+

The Page userpermissions edge is deprecated.

The Pages Webhooks subscribed_apps has a new parameter, subscribed_fields, to read existing webhooks fields and required when assigning new webhooks fields. Use this new parameter to assign webhooks at the Page level rather than the app level. Due to this change, apps must now have the permissions required for each field requested. For example, if the leadgen webhook field is requested the app must have the leads_retrieval permission.

Video Polls

These changes apply to v3.2+

You can now create and manage Video Polls on Live Videos and VODs. The following endpoints have been added:

Refer to the Live Polls API documentation for usage instructions.

Marketing API

Released October 23, 2018 | Available Until TBD | Blog Post

New Features

We are introducing a new ads run status WITH_ISSUES, which indicates if there is something wrong with your ad or ad set and Facebook can not deliver your ads. Together with this new run status, we introduce ISSUES_INFO, which provides more detail with the error_code that prevented your ads from delivering.

Ads Management

  • You can now only create a Dynamic Creative ad groups only under a Dynamic Creative ad campaign by specifying is_dynamic_creative. The following endpoint is impacted: POST /{ad-account-id}/adsets.
  • Deprecated asset_feed_id from GET and POST used in Dynamic Creative. This impacts:

    • POST {adaccount_ID}/adasset_feeds,

    • POST {adaccount_ID}/adcreatives, if you use asset_feed_id as a parameter,

    • GET {asset_feed_ID}/

    Instead of using these APIs, you should use asset_feed_spec in ad creative to specify all the assets such as images and text to use in your Dynamic Creative ads. See Dynamic Creative.

  • Deprecated language asset feeds used to optimize different languages which display in your ad's creative. See Optimize Languages. We deprecated the following endpoints:

    • GET /{adaccount_ID}/adlanguage_assets,

    • POST /{adaccount_ID}/adlanguage_assets,

    • GET {asset_feed_ID}/.

    Instead, you should use asset_feed_spec to specify different languages. For more information, see Optimize Languages.

  • Changed the API for language asset feeds to use asset customization rules instead of group rules. This provides you a more unified way to create and optimize languages which display in unique ad creative per impression. This impacts:

    • GET /?fields=asset_feed_spec now returns asset_customization_rules associated with your languages instead of groups,

    • customization_spec now supports locales, which enables you to display different languages based on locales.

    For more information, see Optimize Languages.

  • Deprecated the ability to read objective_source from ad objects. This impacts:

    • GET {ad_account_ID}/ads,

    • GET {ad_ID}.

  • Deprecated CLICKS as an optimization_goal when you create a new ad set. You also cannot change optimization_goal to CLICKS for existing ad sets. Doing either will return an error. This impacts:

    • POST {ad_account_ID}/adsets,

    • POST {adset_ID}.

  • Deprecated reading the objective_source field from ads. The following endpoints are impacted:

    • GET /{adaccount_ID}/ads,

    • GET /{ad_ID}.

  • Deprecated the field rtb_flag from targeting. This also deprecates the field from GET /{adset_ID} and GET /{ad_account_ID}/adsets.

  • Deprecated metadata edge from ad groups. The following endpoints will be affected: GET /{adgroup_id}.

Dynamic Ads

Product sets now must contain at least one product for use in Dynamic Ads, product catalogs. From now on if you try to create a set with no products, we return an error. This impacts product_catalog_ID/product-set.

Ads Insights and Measurement

We deprecated cost per engagement metrics, conversion pixel metrics, composite metrics and cost per event metrics, noted below. The following endpoints are affected:

  • GET {adaccount-id}/insights,
  • GET {campaign-id}/insights,
  • GET {adset-id}/insights,
  • GET {ad-id}/insights,
  • POST {adaccount-id}/insights,
  • POST {campaign-id}/insights,
  • POST {adset-id}/insights,
  • POST {ad-id}/insights.

Deprecated ads-related metrics under Insights API in order to simplify reporting and support reporting based on our new eight standard events. This deprecates:

  • cost_per_action_type:

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_add_to_cart

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_add_to_wishlist

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_initiated_checkout

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_search

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_complete_registration

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_achievement_unlocked

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_add_payment_info

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_content_view

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_level_achieved

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_purchase

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_rate

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_spent_credits

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_tutorial_completion

    • onsite_conversion.add_to_cart

    • onsite_conversion.view_content

    • app_install

    • mobile_app_install

  • cost_per_unique_action_types:

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_add_to_cart

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_add_to_wishlist

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_initiated_checkout

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_search

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_add_payment_info

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_complete_registration

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_achievement_unlocked

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_content_view

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_level_achieved

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_purchase,

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_rate

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_spent_credits

    • app_custom_event_fb_mobile_tutorial_completion

    and total_action_value

  • Deprecated the active_iterative_split_test_config_id field used in split testing from GET /{adset-id}.

Business Manager API

Deprecated /userpermissions. You should use business_users, system_users or pending_users instead, See Business Manager API, Managing People and Roles. This impacts:

  • GET {ad-account-id}/userpermissions

  • POST {ad-account-id}/userpermissions

  • DELETE {ad-account-id}/userpermissions