Version 2.8

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Changelog entries are categorized in the following way:

  • New Features — New products or services, including new nodes, edges, and fields.
  • Changes — Changes to existing products or services (not including Deprecations).
  • Deprecations — Existing products or services that are being removed.
  • 90-Day Breaking Changes — Changes and deprecations that will take effect 90 days after the version release date.

New Features, Changes, and Deprecations only affect this version. 90-Day Breaking Changes affect all versions.

Breaking Changes are not included here since they are not tied to specific releases.

Graph API

Released October 5, 2016 | Available until April 18, 2019

New Features

Open Graph Actions

  • Two new common Open Graph action types, available to all developers in all versions of the API, have been added:

    • books.rates
    • games.plays

Resumable Upload API

  • Upload files a small piece at a time, allowing for more reliability over poor connections. Please see our guide on the Resumable Upload API for more information. This API is only available for page thumbnails right now, but will expand to other types of media in the future (like video).


  • ThreatExchange has some new features, including support for Webhooks and new tagging functionality. Please see the ThreatExchange Changelog for more information.



  • Feed Targeting - The targeting and feed_targeting fields on the /page/feed edge now consistently use geo_locations instead of specifying geography via other methods. See our guide on targeting which includes information about the geo_locations object.


Open Graph

  • Custom Open Graph Actions - Apps can no longer create new Open Graph action or object types or publish Open Graph Stories that use custom action or object types. Approximately 1 year after the v2.8 release, no version of the API will allow publishing stories that use custom action or object types. Please see our deprecation guide for more information.

  • Open Graph Stories - Localization is no longer supported.


  • /admined_groups - This edge on the User node has been deprecated. Use groups edge on the User node instead.

  • bio - This field on the User node has been deprecated. Use the about field instead.

90-Day Breaking Changes

Open Graph

  • Custom Open Graph Actions

    • No versions of the API will allow the creation of new Open Graph action or object types.
    • All App Collections will be removed from people's profiles.
    • Please see our deprecation guide for more information.

Marketing API

Released October 5, 2016 | Available until July 26, 2017

New Features

Instant Articles

  • There is now a separate ads placement, so that advertisers can enable or disable showing ads in Instant Articles. This new placement options is under /ACCOUNT_ID/adsets and /AD_SET_ID. See Targeting Specs. If you use this placement you must also select feed as a position and for device_platforms select mobile since Instant Articles is for mobile only.

Facebook Offers

  • Redesigned and easier for people to save and redeem your offer from any device. If they don't use your offer, they'll get notifications about it before it expires. To use the API to create offers:
    • Use /nativeoffers as an endpoint. The endpoint /offers is associated with the old product and has been deprecated.
    • Use offer_id in the promoted_object for an ad set.
    • To learn more see Offer Ads and Language Reference, Page Native Offers.


Ads Management

  • As of 2.8, Website Custom Audiences now only allow at most 200 comparisons in the rule. The number of comparisons are the number of comparison operators in the rule.

The following rule contains 3 comparisons:

  "or": [
      "url": {
        "i_contains": "shoes"
      "and": [
          "event": {
          "price": {
            "gte": 100
  • The place_page_set_id field under Ad creative is now optional for versions v2.7 and v2.6 and has been deprecated in v2.8. See Ad Creative.
  • offer_data under link_data for an ad object has been deprecated.
  • The ad account group endpoints AdAccountGroup have been deprecated. To manage Ad Accounts, you should use Business ManagerBusiness Manager] or Business Manager API with business_management extended permission, see Business Manager API, Overview.
  • The edge AD_ACCOUNT/audiences has been deprecated.
  • The ad_object_by_url field for /search in (/docs/marketing-api/targeting-search/v2.7)[Ad Targeting Search] has been deprecated.
  • The fields actor_image_hash, actor_image_url, place_page_set_id and actor_name have been deprecated from ad creative GET.

Ads Insights

  • We deprecated the redundant fields and parameters in /insights endpoint POST requests. - In earlier releases it supported the params: fields,summary, default_summary, filtering and sort. However /insights should always exactly return what you queried in the POST requests. In earlier releases we will display all valid fields for /insights if you provided an invalid field as a parameter. We now send an the error message which points to a list of valid fields.
  • In the past we inconsistently returned /insights fields in a variety of types: some fields were string such as impressions, some were numericstring, and some were floats. We now return all numeric fields, including floats as numericstring. All floating point numbers will maintain six precision points.
  • The insights metric post_like in the actions field is now named post_reaction, see Ads Action Stats, Reference. This is more consistent with naming in user interfaces.

Business Manager


There are no deprecation.

90-Day Breaking Changes

There are no 90 Day Breaking Changes.