Version 2.7

Graph API | Marketing API

Changelog entries are categorized in the following way:

  • New Features — New products or services, including new nodes, edges, and fields.
  • Changes — Changes to existing products or services (not including Deprecations).
  • Deprecations — Existing products or services that are being removed.
  • 90-Day Breaking Changes — Changes and deprecations that will take effect 90 days after the version release date.

New Features, Changes, and Deprecations only affect this version. 90-Day Breaking Changes affect all versions.

Breaking Changes are not included here since they are not tied to specific releases.

Graph API

Released July 13, 2016 | Available until October 5, 2018

New Features


  • Metrics - The following metrics have been added. These counts include breakdowns by organic, paid, source, and time and lifetime breakdown by user demographic info.

    • follow
    • unfollow
  • Webhooks The following field has been added:

    • is_webhooks_subscribed - Returns the status of a Webhooks subscription from the Page node. This field can be retrieved via GET or updated with a POST on /{page-id}.


  • Geotargeting Support - We now support geotargeting and gating via the targeting param on POST /{video-id} and POST /{page-id}/live_videos. This can also be extended to supporting restrictions by excluded locales through the API.

  • Video Node Fields - The following fields have been added to the Video node:

    • copyright_monitoring_status
    • feed_type


Business Manager API

  • Permissions: Your app now needs the business_management extended permission to access Business Manager. ads_management or the manage_pages permissions will no longer allow access. Facebook will migrate existing apps with these permissions to the new permission. Apps using this permission for the first time need to go through review. Please see Permissions and Business Manager API, Prerequisites for more information.


  • GET /{page-id}/tagged - This edge now returns posts in which the Page has been tagged. This is a change in behavior from previous versions that only returned posts directed to the Page.

  • Page Insights - Page metrics insights must now be explicitly specified when making Page Insights related requests. The default behavior of returning all metrics when none are specified is no longer supported.


  • No deprecations.

90-Day Breaking Changes

Open Graph

  • GET /{open-graph-object-id}/ - The url field has been removed from this node.

Marketing API

Released July 13, 2016 | Available until April 25, 2017

New Features

  • No New Features.



  • Placements: We have made improvements to our design of placement, so that advertisers can more easily identify and select placement options that will serve them best. Instead of having page_types as the only dimension, advertisers can select placements across different dimensions, such as device type including desktop or mobile, publisher such as facebook, instagram, or audience_network, and placements of each publisher. Only Facebook has multiple placements currently. The field page_types will still be included in read results, but cannot be used to create or update placements in v2.7. More details in Targeting Spec.

  • Ad Creative: With 2.7 object_story_id will be null for an ad creative created with an object_story_spec. The effective_object_story_id will always be the object_story_id regardless of object_story_spec. More details in Ad Creative.

Daily Budget Logic

  • We changed the logic around ads delivery which impacts the interpretation of the daily ad budget limits. Starting with v2.7, you may be charged up to 125% of your daily budget on certain days. For example, if your daily budget is $10.00, you may be charged up to $12.50. However, your weekly spend will NOT exceed 7 times the daily amount, or $70.00 in this example. We will prorate this for partial weeks. Learn more in our documentation for the Ad Set Budget. Starting with v2.7, an ad set with a daily_budget cannot be updated to have lifetime_budget later, and vice versa.


  • Placement - As a related change, on the /insights endpoints, we've introduced two new breakdowns options: publisher_platform and platform_position. Along with the existing impression_device breakdown, you can get performance metrics with these placement dimensions. See Insights Breakdowns for more details.

  • Insights Integer Field - For Insights API, integer values were too big and overflowed with int32. We changed all int32 field values into numeric strings to keep them consistent with other Marketing API fields with currency values. With v2.7, numeric values in int32 are quoted in responses. In v2.5 for backwards compatibility, numeric values in int32 will be shown as a number. More details in our Ads Insights documentation.


Ad Accounts

  • Adaccount POST** - The following has been deprecated:

    • AD_ACCOUNT_ID/adaccount POST
    • To update an account make a POST request to /adaccount directly.

90 Day Breaking Changes

  • No 90-day breaking changes.