API Upgrade Tool

The API Upgrade Tool shows which of your app's API calls may be affected by changes in newer versions of the API. You'll be able to quickly see which changes you need to make to upgrade from your current version to a newer version.

Using the Tool

Select Your App

The selector in the top left shows your first ten apps in alphabetical order. Start typing an app name to choose a different app.

Select API Versions

Use the dropdowns in the top right to select the version you'd like to upgrade from and the version you'd like to upgrade to. You'll see up to the oldest version your app can call.

Reading the Table

The tool displays the number of changes that need to be made to update your app to the selected version.

Methods are color coded by the version affecting the call. Hover over the bar chart to see how many changes are in each version. The dates associated with each version are when the changes will be enforced for all apps.

The table shows the type of change (deprecation, new feature or change), which methods are affected, the number of calls made in the last 7 days, and the percentage of API calls affected by that specific change.

Note: For apps on v2.0, FQL will be deprecated with v2.1. If your app uses FQL calls, there is a second table below which will map calls to common Graph API calls that may replace it. But, not all FQL features are guaranteed to be supported in Graph API.


I don't see any data when I access the tool. Why not?

There's a few reasons why you might not see anything in the tool:

  • You're not an admin or developer of an app
  • Your app doesn't call any endpoints from the Graph API
  • Your app doesn't call endpoints that will be affected by a newer version
  • Your app hasn't made enough calls for our tool to sample from
Why don't I see my app in the app selector dropdown?

Only admins and developers of an app can view it in the tool. The selector shows your first ten apps in alphabetical order, once you start typing an app name, the tool will auto-complete

The call volumes for a method seem off. Why?

The logging is sampled and aggregated over the previous week. It's compared with the call volume to estimate how many of your calls could be affected by a given version change.

Note: Not all changes may affect each API call - use your best judgment on whether a particular change needs to be handled by your app. Be sure to test your API calls in the newer version to ensure it works properly.

Where can I find more info?

Click on a method to go to the changelog, which will have more specific information on the change.