In-stream rewards

Our game services allow game developers to reward their players for watching streams of their games on Facebook. This exciting feature helps players build community while remain engaged with your game.

How it works

Here's how the flow works, in a high-level description:

  1. Developer configures their application for In-stream rewards (Guide)
  2. All live videos that are streaming to the Pages you selected your are eligible for In-stream rewards
  3. Once a person starts to watch a video of your game, we will create awards to them based on your configuration
  4. The same person starts to play your game and uses Facebook Login to sign-in, your game can then perform Graph API calls to check the status for their Rewards and assign them the specified in-game items.

Configuring your app

To configure your app, make sure to follow our guide here

Checking Rewards from C++

These are the necessary steps to check rewards from your C++ Code:

GET /me/game_items
  • Award your player with any pending in-game items they have earned
  • Mark the rewards as redeemed by performing Graph API calls to the endpoint:
POST /me/game_items/?action=mark&item_id=<ITEM ID>