Games SDK for PC

The Facebook Games SDK for Windows Games, unlocks the power of communities by helping players connect.

The Facebook Games SDK for PC (beta) is now available. Please apply for access to the SDK using the form below

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The Games SDK for Windows is a C++ SDK that connects your PC game to all of Facebook's services like Friend Finding, Live Streaming, App Events and more.

Minimum Requirements

The SDK will work for games targeting Windows 7 and above. Some functionality (like capturing and live streaming for example) may have different requirements.

Getting Started

Our guides will help you set up your Facebook App and get the SDK up and running.

SDK Reference

References to all methods in our C++ SDK.

Community Features

Friend Finding

Our C++ SDK provides methods to call the Graph API to connect players with their friends.

In-stream Rewards

This guide shows you how to reward players with in-game content after they've watched a live stream on Facebook

Live Streaming

This guide shows how to allow players to live stream gameplay videos to Facebook