Launching Instant Games

On August 9, 2019, we introduced a new Instant Games developer application process. Before you can submit any game for review, you will need to:

  • Associate your application with a business.
  • Get the associated business verified, if it is not already the case.
  • Have a Facebook page that represents your business. That page must share the same name as your business.
  • Have a valid Apple Developer Team ID.

Once your application is accepted, you will be able to submit games for review and to launch them into our discovery surfaces (game list, etc.).

Learn more about how to Create a Business Manager and how to Verify a Business.

Per section 1.7 of Facebook Platform Policy, to minimize the risk of confusing information, only pre-approved games related to coronavirus (COVID-19) are allowed.

Before submitting your instant game, make sure it meets the criteria below.

Game Checklist

Your game must:

Have visibility set to Public in the App Review tab

Have a Namespace specified in the Settings tab

Have all assets uploaded as detailed in the Game Setup section

Have an initial download size of no more than 3MB (or 1MB for lightweight games)

Provide real loading progress via FBInstant.setLoadingProgress

Respect the physical mute switch on Mobile devices (we recommend using the WebAudio API)

Use of SDK 5.0 or later, with all Custom Updates being sent via templates

Gracefully handle interruptions by subscribing to FBInstant.onPause. The game should pause all sounds and implement a mechanism to resume the game (e.g., a "Resume" button)

Be in compliance with all posted Facebook Platform Terms and Developer Policies

Be linked to a business for App Review. The business must be a verified business in order to launch the game

Feel like a native game (it should not scroll, zoom or pan like a webpage)

Your game must not:

Include branding in its name (e.g. "Messenger"; "Facebook")

Share an App ID with any other live applications (e.g., a Facebook Web game)

Link to any other website or app (exception: linking to a privacy policy page)

Ask for any user information that is not provided by the Instant Games SDK (including use of the Facebook Platform Javascript SDK)

Inline the Instant Games SDK, or use a version other than the one at

Send more than one Game Update per context per session

Show third-party ads

Show any payments functionality on platforms where payments are not supported

Call methods other than the following before startGameAsync has resolved:

  • FBInstant.getSDKVersion()
  • FBInstant.initializeAsync()
  • FBInstant.getPlatform()
  • FBInstant.setLoadingProgress()
  • FBInstant.getSupportedAPIs()
  • FBInstant.quit()
  • FBInstant.onPause()
  • FBInstant.player.getID()

Since March 24, 2019, more methods can be called before startGameAsync has resolved. Learn more about it by checking what is new in the Instant Games SDK 6.3.

Specifically for iOS users, your game should not:

Cross promote other instant games (including via the bot)

Allow sending gifts to friends

Show any payments functionality or any reference to their availability on other platforms

Bot Checklist

Your game bot must:

Be named the same as the game

Be correctly associated with your instant game and respond to messaging_game_plays events

Use a persistent menu to provide common actions, such as launching the game

Set default action to use game_play on custom updates, so that the entire image takes you into the game

Provide relevant, timely and valuable updates to the players.

Be used to announce new features or content

Make use of social updates like turn reminders, tournaments results, timed rewards and challenges

Optimize time of day for message sends per user, being sensitive to timezones

Make use of entry point data on play buttons to load the game in contextually relevant ways

Make sure your players have the right incentives to open the game via a bot message by using the message payload to reward them in-game with something valuable

Give the user control - for example, by confirming they they would like to be notified, and with what frequency

Have passed App Review for Messenger with the events and permissions specified in the Bot Setup section

Your game bot must not:

Send a message immediately after the player closes the game

Send messages to re-engage the player with no context (e.g.: "Come back to the game now!"). Instead prefer re-engagement messages with rich context (e.g.: "Your scout has come back with more info")

Adopt the voice of other Facebook users or mislead players to believe their friends are communicating with them

Continue to send a user bot messages when they repeatedly do not engage. Policy limits will apply and block your message from being sent. The current limit is 5 messages in the 10 days after the last game play session

Use any other value than RESPONSE or UPDATE as messaging_type

Use the Messenger Platform's Broadcast API

Link to any app store

Submitting For Review

The Review tab of the developer dashboard allows you to submit your game to our review team. Ensure the game complies with all relevant policies before submitting.

During submission, you must provide an Apple Developer team ID in accordance with Apple's App Store Review Guidelines 4.7. This enables distribution on iOS.

Do not include the instant game in-app purchases option in your submission if your game doesn't have an in-app purchasing feature. Review our In App Purchases page for more info.

Review should take under a week to complete. Once a game is reviewed, it does not need to be reviewed again unless it is found to be in violation of our developer policies.

Launching an Instant Game

You can track the status of your game on the Launch Status tab of the developer dashboard.

Global or Country Launch

A game can be launched either globally or by country. Selecting the Select Countries option to choose individual countries.

Related Documentation

We have put together the following resources to make sure your game has the best possible performance on our platform: