Bundle-based configuration

Some of the configuration for your Instant Game can be made either via the developer portal or via a special JSON file embedded with your game's bundle. When a value is updated in the developer portal, this is a global change for all builds of the game, whereas a bundle-based configuration only changes that value for one specific bundle. This is particularly useful for soft-launching scenarios where two or more bundles can be live at the same time.

This document will explain in detail how to make configuration changes to a specific build.


To enable a bundle-specific configuration, include a file called fbapp-config.json with your zip file.

  "instant_games": {
    "property_1": "VALUE A",
    "property_2": "VALUE B",

The file needs to be included in the root of the archive and not in any subfolders, similarly to index.html. If this file is found in the bundle, any configuration values it contains will override the values for the global settings in the app dashboard.


For the full reference documentation that shows the entire range of options for bundle configuration, click below:

Bundle Configuration Reference