The guides below will help you make the most of the platform features.

  • Best Practices - How to design your game around social experiences and succeed on our platform

  • Monitoring and improving your game's performance - How to use Facebook Analytics with custom app events to monitor and track your game's performance

  • Integrating Ads Monetization - Learn how to monetize through Ads with your game.

  • Leaderboards - How to use Leaderboards in your Instant Game

  • Game Bots and Server Communication - This guide includes sample code that shows you how to communicate securily with your custom backend game services as well as how to receive and send data to your Bot via webhooks and custom payloads.

  • Analytics - This useful resource explains the data and keys used in our Facebook Analytics

  • Engine Recommendations - This is a list of HTML5 game engines, frameworks, libraries and tools you might find useful when making Instant Games.