Launching Instant Games

As of October 29, 2018, the following requirements are being enforced:

  • For App Review, game submissions must linked to a business (verified or unverified).
  • For Global & Country Launches, the app's linked business must be verified to launch the game into our discovery surfaces (game list, etc). The game will still be playable after review approval.

Learn more about Business Verification here.

Before submitting your Instant Game, make sure that you check the items below. These are the guidelines that our technical team will review against your game and bot.

Game Checklist:

Your game should:

Feel like a native game — that is, it should not scroll, zoom or pan like a webpage

Have visibility is set to Public in App Review tab

Specify a Namespace for the game under the Settings tab.

Have all assets uploaded as detailed on the Game Setup section

Have an initial download size of no more than 3MB (or 1MB for lightweight games)

Provide real loading progress via FBInstant.setLoadingProgress

Respect the physical mute switch on Mobile devices. We recommend using the WebAudio API for that.

Make use of SDK 4.0 or later, with all Custom Updates being sent via templates

Make sure to gracefully handle interruptions like receiving calls or notifications during the game, by subscribing to FBInstant.onPause

Is in compliance with all posted Facebook Developer Policies

Be linked to a business for App Review. The business must be a verified business in order to launch the game

Your game should not:

Share an App ID with any other live applications (like a Facebook Web game for example)

Link outside to any other website or app. The only exception is linking to a privacy policy page.

Include branding in name. For instance you can't call your game "Instant Gems" or "Gems for Messenger" because "Instant" and "Messenger" are reserved keywords.

Send more than one update per context per session.

Ask for any user information that is not provided by the Instant Games SDK (that includes making use of the Facebook Platform Javascript SDK)

Show third-party ads

Show any payments functionality on platforms where payments are not supported

Inline the Instant Games SDK, or use a version other than the one at

Call methods other than the following before startGameAsync has resolved:

  • FBInstant.getSDKVersion()
  • FBInstant.initializeAsync()
  • FBInstant.getPlatform()
  • FBInstant.setLoadingProgress()
  • FBInstant.getSupportedAPIs()
  • FBInstant.quit()
  • FBInstant.onPause()
  • FBInstant.player.getID()

Bot Checklist:

Your game bot should:

Have passed App Review for Messenger with the events and permissions specified in the Bot Setup section

Be correctly associated with your Instant Game and responding to messaging_game_plays events

Provide relevant, timely and valuable updates to the players. For more information, visit our Best Practices section.

Not send more than five messages within ten days after a person has interacted with the game. Any interaction with the game will reset that counter. You can refer to the "Instant Games" section of the Facebook Platform Policy webpage.

Not use any other value than RESPONSE or UPDATE as messaging_type

Submitting For Review

The Review tab of the developer dashboard allows you to submit your game to our review team. Ensure the game complies with all relevant policies before submitting for review.

During submission, you must provide an Apple Developer team ID in accord with Apple's App Store Review Guidelines 4.7. This enables distribution of the game on iOS.

Do not include the Instant Game in-app purchases option to your submission if your game does not have any in-app purchasing feature. You can read here for more information on this feature.

Once the required fields are filled out, Submit for Review. Instant Game Review should take under a week for completion. Once a game is reviewed, it need not be reviewed again unless it is found to be in violation of our developer policies.

Launching an Instant Game

An Instant Game goes through several stages as it is launched. You can track the status of your game on the Launch Status tab of the developer dashboard.

Global or Country Launch

A game can be launched either globally, or country by country, by selecting the Select Countries option.

Related Documentation

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