Game Setup

This section will walk you through configuring your application further by providing artwork for your game. Please note that all the artworks described below are mandatory.

Providing artwork and game information

You can upload all of your game's assets and provide game information in the Instant Games section of the App Dashboard. Please note that all assets are mandatory. Your game will be rejected if all the assets are not provided. Additionally, the game may not display correctly without all of the assets, so we recommend uploading them all before testing your game.

Game Information

We need the following information about your game:

  • Publisher: The name of the company publishing the game
  • Tagline: A short sentence that entices new players to play your game. Do not use a list of comma separated keywords.

Image Assets

App Icons

Small App Icon (16 x 16) and App Icon (1024 x 1024) will appear in native dialogs on top of the game before and after each game session and in several other surfaces and entry points. It's important to have both game icons, otherwise the game will be shown with a default application icon.

Important note: Make sure to upload a square image without transparent background as App icon (1024 x 1024).

Cover Image and Banner

Similar to the assets above, the Cover Image (800 x 150) and the Banner (1200 x 627) are pieces of artwork that our platform needs to load in order to display our native dialogs, News Feed posts, and Messenger attachments correctly.

Splash Image

This image will be shown to players while they wait for the game to load. The image's resolution should be 750x1334.

App Video

You should provide a short - and ideally looped - video showcasing gameplay. We recommend 16:9 or 1:1 aspect ratios. Even if your game is in portrait mode, consider optimizing your video for these aspect ratios because News Feed stories are rendered in a landscape-oriented space. In those cases, consider cropping the gameplay video to a rectangular landscape portion of the screen or adding extra information to fill the sides of the video.

Remember, the video needs to showcase gameplay and should not look like an advertisement.

Find more information for Instant Games asset sizes under App Center documentation.

Localizing artwork and game information

You can localize your game information and provide localized game's assets in the Localize tab under Instant Games section of the App Dashboard. This isn't mandatory but highly recommended to ensure the best experience for your users.

Next steps

Now that you know how to setup your application and have provided all necessary assets, check out the sections below: