Web Technology

Here's an overview on different web technologies supported by browsers and available for game developers today:

HTML5 (WebGL) technology

Supported by almost all browsers today, and without requiring any plug-ins to install, we recommend HTML5 (WebGL) technology for developers to get started with today. We have a list of HTML5 engines, Cross-Platform Engines, Toolkits and Libraries, or the Facebook-Unity WebGL option.

Facebook Gameroom

On another note, Facebook Gameroom has built-in support for Web Games built in Flash, working independently from the browser announcements listed on this page. Players will be able to continue playing their games in Facebook Gameroom.


Adobe has announced its plans to stop updating and distributing Flash Player at the end of 2020. While games built with Flash will run on Facebook until the end of 2020, we strongly advise developers to follow the timelines set by browsers, as this may impact your decision to migrate sooner. For developers building new games, we strongly recommend using open web standards. To learn more about how you can migrate off Flash, you can sign up for our upcoming webinar or visit our blog post.


On 25 Oct, we ran a webinar Migrating from Flash to HTML5 for developers who are interested to port their existing Flash titles to HTML5 technology. To rewatch this webinar, you can click the video link below:

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HTML5 engines

To get you started on HTML5 development, here's a list of 2D and 3D HTML5 engines for you to develop your game:



Cross-Platform Engines

If you are thinking of targeting platforms other than the Web, here's a list of cross-platform engines for you to develop your game:

Toolkits and Libraries

If you are using your own in-house engine, you can explore the following solutions to learn how to publish your game as HTML5: