Driving Installs

Due to the ongoing consolidation of the gaming ecosystem at Facebook, we have introduced important changes to the Web Games on Facebook and Facebook Gameroom platforms that might affect your games. To learn more read our blog post.

This page describes driving installs to Gameroom using the following:

  1. Buttons and Banners
  2. Deep Linking
  3. Game Page
  4. Sponsored Advertisements

Buttons and Banners

Use the following assets to link players to your game in Gameroom:

Use the following deep link to load Facebook Gameroom and launch your game in the client:


If Gameroom is installed, you will see the following prompt to launch Gameroom.

If Gameroom is not installed, you will see the following landing page:

Game page

Consider engaging players by linking to your Game page:


For example, you can see the page for Empires & Allies below:

Sponsored Advertisements

This is a closed-beta feature subject to change and currently only available on a whitelisting basis to access the Facebook Gameroom app store target.

In your browser, launch Facebook Ads Manager.

Click Create Advert, and enter your campaign name.

Select App Installs as your marketing objective, and click Continue.

Choose your game, and select Facebook Gameroom as the App Store.

Proceed with configuring your ad until you get to the Advert > Page and text section.

Click Show advanced options, and enter the following text in the deep link field:


Linking an Individual Advert Account to a Business

If you don't see the Facebook Gameroom target option, you might be using your individual advert account to create the ad. You will need to ensure that your Ad Account is claimed and owned by the Business Manager (that owns your app).

An Advert Account that is linked to a business will show owned by: XYZ Games in your account information.

An Individual Advert Account will look like this:

You can link your individual advert account by linking it to a business.