Launch your Game on Gameroom

Due to the ongoing consolidation of the gaming ecosystem at Facebook, we have introduced important changes to the Web Games on Facebook and Facebook Gameroom platforms that might affect your games. To learn more read our blog post.

Now that your game is built and tested, it's time to go live on Facebook Gameroom.

  1. Payments
  2. App Center Listing
  3. Linking your Facebook App Page
  4. Launch your game


You can add a payment solution to your game with a few simple steps:

  1. In your App Dashboard, register your company for financial payouts.
  2. Define the available purchase products in your game server.
  3. In your game client code, invoke the payments dialog with the URL of the purchase product.

For an overview on Facebook Payments, you may want to take a look at the documentation.

If needed, refer to the official FB sample code for Unity hosted on Github and the script on payments.

To learn more about Unity SDK calls, refer to the Unity SDK reference.

App Center Listing

You need to get your game approved for listing in the Facebook App Center before it can go live. Upload your image assets, edit the description under Details, and submit it under the Review sub-section.

For more information, follow these instructions:

App Center Permissions

To prevent the app from showing the permissions dialog twice, you need to configure the App Center permissions to match the permissions that your app requests.

For example, if you are requesting the permissions user_friends and email, configure the following under App Center > Details > App Center Listed Platforms > Configure App Center Permissions:

Note that asking for the user_friends permission requires your app to go through app review.

When you first launch the game, you will see the permissions prompt asking for your public Profile, Friends list and email address. If you have configured the App Center Permissions to ask for all the permissions that your game needs, the player will not be prompted a second time within your game.

Linking your Facebook App Page

Either create a new App Page or link to an existing App Page. You can find this option under Settings > Advanced > App Page:

In order to be able to link to an existing page:

  1. You must be an admin of that page.
  2. Your page must be in the app category. You can change this in the About > General > Category section of your Facebook Page settings. Add App Page as your first category.
  3. Your page name must be a substring match of the app name.

Launch your game

Once you are ready to launch your game, follow these steps:

  1. Submit the App Center Listing.
  2. Set your app to Live.
  3. Push the .zip file to production.
  4. Submit for App Review.
  5. Contact us for public rollout.

Submit the App Center Listing

Under App Center, list your game in App Center - App on Facebook with all your app icons, screenshots and videos:

Set your app to Live

Once your app is approved, set the status to Live:

Push the .zip file to production

Push your .zip file to Production so we can access and test your game:

Submit for App Center review

Submit your app for App Center and make sure that it is approved before going to the next step. Please mention that it is a Gameroom native game in the submission notes. More info about App Center review here.