How to Submit for Login Review

A simple step by step guide to get your app ready for review.

Before You Submit

Before beginning your app submission, there are a few things you'll want to take care of to make the process as easy as possible.

You do not need to submit your app if it will only be used in Development Mode by you or someone with a role on your app. Any account listed in the Roles tab in your App Dashboard, such as admins, developers, and testers, can use all permissions but will only be able to access their own data, that of test users, and test pages belonging to them.

You can use any of these accounts to test your app and create a screencast.

Add or Remove Platforms

We review your app's Facebook Login experience for all platforms listed in App Settings. Login and any permissions you request must work on each of these platforms otherwise your review submission may be rejected.

Remove any platforms you don't want your app to be reviewed on before submitting.

Add App Details

The following fields are required in App Details before you can submit for review:

  • App Icon
  • Long Description
  • Privacy Policy

Test Permissions

You can test all permissions with any account listed in the Roles tab in your App Dashboard, such as admins, developers, testers, and test users. Use any of these accounts to record your screencast.

Before you submit for review you need to test that any permissions you want to use are fully functioning in your app.

1. Verify the Login Dialog

Make sure the “Log in with Facebook” dialog in your app shows all the permissions you’re requesting.

2. Test With Multiple Users

Grant those permissions with any user who can test your app and log in. This includes Developers, Admins and Testers of your app as well as test users.

3. Test Read Permissions

Be sure your app can access the content behind each read permission (e.g. user_birthday).

4. Test Write Permissions

Be sure your app posts content as expected (e.g. publish_to_groups).

Who can test my app?

You can test permissions with any account listed in the Roles tab in your App Dashboard, such as admins, developers, testers, and test users.

Troubleshooting Tester Access

If you tested with one of these accounts and you're still getting an error, paste the access token you used to make the API request in the debug tool and confirm the following:

  1. The App ID is the ID of the app you're requesting the permission for
  2. The User ID has one of the listed roles on your app, i.e. admin, developer, tester or test user
  3. The permission you're requesting is listed under Scopes in the debug tool

More Help

If you've verified all of the above and you still get an error, please report a bug and mention the access token you have used and what API request your app made.

Step 1: Create a Submission

  • Go to your App Dashboard
  • Click App Review
  • Click the Start a Submission button

Step 2: Select Items for Review

  • Select items you wish to submit for review.
  • Click Add (x) Items to confirm.

Step 3: Add Notes for Each Permission

How can I test my app and record a screencast? You can test all permissions with any account listed in the Roles tab in your App Dashboard, such as admins, developers, testers, and test users.

Add Notes for each item in your submission.

For each permission:

  • Explain how your app uses this permission to create a great user experience.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce that experience when we test your app. Please also provide all necessary passwords, test user credentials and links to staging servers to successfully login with Facebook.
  • Provide a screencast.

Provide a Detailed Screencast and Clear Instructions = Quicker Evaluation

Our review team examines your screencast and follows your usage instructions to reproduce the personalization elements of each permission. Providing a detailed screencast and clear instructions will result in quicker evaluation of your submission.

Step 4: Complete Submission Form

In addition to adding notes for each permission request, complete the following submission form fields:

Facebook Login Integration

Please provide general instructions of what your app does and step-by-step instructions that show how to access Facebook Login.

Feature Review

If you are submitting features that don't require Login Review, you will not see the Facebook Login Integration field and you do not need to fill it out.

Upload Your App - For iOS/Android only

  • iOS: Upload a simulator build file or provide a Apple Store ID. Help: How to create a Simulator Build.
  • Android: Upload a APK file or provide a Android Package Name.

Step 5: Submit for Review

  • Accept the Facebook Terms & Conditions.
  • Click Submit for Approval.

Due to changes to the review process and the high volume of submissions expected, it may take several weeks for submitted apps to complete review.

Ready to Submit?

If you're ready to submit, head to the App Dashboard to get started.

Start a Submission

After Submitting

All of your app's developers will receive developer alerts when a submission is made, approved, or returned for changes.

Your submission's latest results will also be available in the App Review page.

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