Submission Feedback

After submitting for App Review you will receive notifications about your submission. This document will help you understand what to do after you receive feedback from our review team.


Once you have clicked the Submit for Review button, everyone with a developer role on your app will receive an email notification. You can view this notification in the app dashboard Alerts section, and your app will be marked In App Review under the App Review > Requests section of the app dashboard.

You can view all notifications in the app dashboard's Alerts > Inbox. These notifications are sent when you have submitted your app or feedback about your app submission has been sent to you.

These notifications do not contain the status of your app but direct you to your app dashboard.


Once your app have been review by our review team, you will receive another notification. In the app dashboard Alerts > Inbox, click Go to App Review. This will take you to App Review > Requests where you can see if the permission you requested has been approved or if our review team needs more information.

More Information Needed

If our review team needs more information, the Status of your app will be Draft. Click Edit Request to view specific feedback from our reviewers about what information is needed.

Review Criteria

You will be taken to App Review > Requests where you will see the specific Review Criteria for your app. An X will be to the right of any items that need your attention.

Update Your App Information

Scroll down to Requested Permissions and Features and click the arrow icon to the right. Using the Review Criteria items marked by our team, update your app information. If there are concerns about how your app is using a permission or feature, you will see specific alert about this. If you do not see this alert, your permission request is valid but your description or screencast may need updating.

Once you have made updates, click Save, agree to the Platform Onboarding terms, and click Submit. Notifications about your submission and more feedback will be sent to you and your app developers.

Ask a Question

If you have questions about your feedback, navigate to App Review > Requests. Under the Review Criteria section, click the Ask a Question button.

You must ask questions before you resubmit your app.


If your app has been approved, the Current Request will change to Review Feedback in App Review > Requests with Approved for your permissions and features.

You can now change the status of your app from In Development to Live.