Uninstall FBE, v2 for Businesses

Facebook Business Extension (v2) is currently only available to approved partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact your Facebook representative for access. FBE requires the manage_business_extension capability.

If you do not have a representative, please fill out this form if you are an eCommerce partner or this form (available on desktop only) if you are in the Services vertical.

Uninstall FBE, v2 from Your Platform

You should add an entrypoint (button) for businesses to uninstall FBE from your platform. Uninstall FBE for a business by making a DELETE request to the following endpoint:

curl -X DELETE \

The access token used in this call can be either a user access token or a system user access token.

If the same user has more than one FBE connected with their business, uninstalling one of them does not impact the others.

After client uninstalls FBE, the client is off-boarded from the Business On-Behalf-Of solution. That means the partner Business Manager no longer has access to FBE assets in the client Business Manager (current behavior), and other assets that were shared using the Business On-Behalf-Of solution (new behavior).

Permission Revoke

Another way to uninstall FBE is by using our Graph API to revoke the manage_business_extension permission. If you revoke this permission, we disable all FBE features on their Facebook Page and Instagram Profile. This process still works, but we recommend migrating to the API call described above to avoid issues in the future.

To revoke the manage_business_extension permission:

curl -X DELETE \
  -F "access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>" \

You can get the business app-scoped-user-id from the Webhook or by calling the following Graph API endpoint with an Access Token:

curl -X GET \


If you have implemented an fbe_install Webhook to receive prompt updates about FBE installations and reconfigurations, you will also receive events when the user uninstalls FBE.

To differentiate install and updates from uninstall Webhook events, rely on payload fbe_event field to distinguishes whether the event notification is an install or uninstall.

Contact Us

Use the Direct Support tool in Business Manager to get assistance directly from our team:

  • Appointments, Reservations or Food/Drink Ordering partners: use the topic Facebook Business Extension for Services.
    • Select Product Questions or Tech Integrations and Bugs topic depending on what kind of support you need.
  • Commerce partners: use the topic Marketing Partner: Technical Support or contact your Facebook partner manager directly.

If you don’t see your desired topic in the Direct Support dropdown menu, please contact your Facebook partner manager representative via email for access.

Direct Support has a strong integration with Business Manager. So make sure to add all your team members who will be using the Direct Support tool to submit questions and bugs as users of your company Business Manager. Learn how to do this by following the instructions here.