Facebook Business Extension (v2) is currently only available to approved partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact your Facebook representative for access. FBE requires the manage_business_extension capability.

If you do not have a representative, please fill out this form if you are an eCommerce partner or this form (available on desktop only) if you are in the Services vertical.

Read these guides to help you perform common actions with the Facebook Business Extension, v2.

FBE Developer Panel

Explains how to set up and validate your integration with the Facebook Business Extension.


Explains the authentication flows business owners need to connect their business on your site to their Facebook or Instagram profiles, and vice versa.

Get Asset IDs and Access Token

Describes the asset IDs: page ID, IG Business ID, Business Manager ID, Ad Account ID, catalog ID, and access token used for API endpoints and business configurations.

Configure Business Features

Explains the options recommended to enable and configure business features.

Fire Pixel Events

Describes how the Facebook pixel is an integral part of the Facebook Business Extension.


Describes how the Facebook Business Extension uses Catalog to intake a business's inventory.

Migration Guide: FBE, v1 to v2

Describes the changes required to migrate existing merchants on FBE, v1 to be compatible with FBE, v2.

Migration Guide: Instagram (IX) to FBE, v2

Describes the minimum FBE, v2 requirements to list in the App Store for Instagram (Action Button).

Uninstall the FBE, v2 for Businesses

Learn how to uninstall the FBE, v2 and how to contact Direct Support.