Get Started

Facebook Business Extension (v2) is currently only available to approved partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact your Facebook representative for access. FBE requires the manage_business_extension capability.

If you do not have a representative, please fill out this form if you are an eCommerce partner or this form (available on desktop only) if you are in the Services vertical.

We recommend that you read through the entire documentation for this guide prior to starting development, then use the FBE Developer Panel to set up your integration.

Before You Start

  • Before beginning implementation, contact your Facebook representative. You must be added to the allow list to use this framework.

  • Make sure you have met all requirements.

  • As part of the implementation process, use your Facebook-assigned platform name when integrating with our framework. If you don't have one, ask your Facebook representative.

Set Up Your Integration

Step 1: Add the FBE Developer Panel to your Facebook Developer app.

Step 2: Choose an onboarding flow for your use case.

Step 3: Build authentication tools for businesses to connect their presence on your platform to their Facebook profiles. Business owners need a mechanism to connect their business on your site to their Facebook or Instagram profiles, and vice versa. To accomplish this, you need to support two authentication flows: one from your platform and one from the Facebook/Instagram platform.

  1. Business Login (commonly known as Facebook Login) -- Allows businesses to initiate the connection from your platform, using a button you place on your site.
    • Loading via URL
    • Loading via SDK
  2. Business Apps - Allows businesses to initiate the connection from Facebook/Instagram. To enable this flow and have your app listed on Business Apps, you must provide a custom authentication UI that allows the user to select their business on your site and then redirect them back to the Facebook or Instagram flow.

Step 4: Get the pixel ID, business ID, Instagram ID, and access token for the businesses on your platform

  1. Get Webhook notifications about businesses installing and uninstalling FBE.
  2. Get IDs from our FBE Installation API endpoint.

Step 5: Fire pixel events for these connected businesses.

Step 6: Select and configure business features for your businesses.

  1. Business Configuration Object -- passed in during Business Login and Business Apps flows.
  2. Add entrypoint to our Feature Management View from your surface
  3. Feature Configuration API -- used to make updates after an installation

Step 7: Send us the full inventory for the connected businesses and keep the catalog updated.

Step 8: Allow businesses to uninstall the Facebook Business Extension, v2.

Step 9: Submit for FBE Integration Review. Once your integration is approved, your app will be available to public users.

Next Steps