Facebook Business Extension Introduction

For purposes of terminology understanding, the Client refers to the Meta Onboarding Flow popup (provided by Meta) and the Server refers to the native plugin (built by the developer).

Facebook Business Extension (FBE) is a popup-based solution that allows users to easily set up the Meta Pixel, Catalog, and Shops (optional).

Facebook Business Extension development documentation is not currently being rebranded as Meta Business Extension. If you see marketing references to Meta Business Extension, this is the same feature as Facebook Business Extension.

The Facebook Business Extension (FBE) helps businesses connect their products and services with Meta and Instagram on your platform. Once connected, you can help them utilize a large suite of powerful features. FBE is recommended for our partners as it simplifies the overall integration process.


  • Helps onboard merchants by creating and managing Facebook business assets, including Pages, Catalogs, Meta Pixel, Business Managers, and Ad Accounts. Merchants can then easily manage their presence on our platform and perform actions such as listing products on Facebook and Instagram, turning on Messenger as a customer support channel, and advertising on Facebook platforms.

  • Consolidates and simplifies onboarding.

  • Simplifies the overall integration process, so that you do not need to integrate with each API separately. For example, you can build a single integration with FBE once, instead of integrating with the Business Manager API, then the Pages API, then the Marketing API.

  • Provides a consistent and simple merchant onboarding journey so partners do not have to build their own user interfaces. Offers an end-to-end onboarding experience where merchants can establish their presence, which can help you grow, directly on partners’ platforms. Provides a ready-to-deploy development toolkit for easy and cost-effective implementation.

  • Minimizes ongoing maintenance efforts for UI and API upgrades.

Available Version

Facebook Business Extension, v3

FBE, v3 is the current, publicly available version of the Facebook Business Extension.