Individual Verification

Individual Verification is a process that allows us to gather information about you so we can verify your identity as a person as opposed to a business entity or organization.

If you are not a business entity or organization but your app allows other Businesses to access their own data, you may be allowed to complete Individual Verification instead of Business Verification.

Until verification is complete, app users from other Businesses will be unable to grant your app permissions and all features will be inactive. If your app will only be used by app users who have a role on the app itself you do not need to complete verification; these users can grant your app any permissions at any time and all features are always active.

The option to complete Individual Verification depends on which permissions and features you request in your App Review submission. Once you request a permission or feature that allows Individual Verification, you will be given the Individual Verification option when you begin the verification process.

If you are a business developer and your app will be used by other businesses, you cannot complete Individual Verification.


App users will be unable to grant apps in Live mode any approved permissions and features related to the following products until an app administrator completes Individual Verification:

The following products offer limited functionality until an app administrator completes verification:

Once you submit for verification, these limitations take effect immediately, even if your submission is rejected.

Starting Verification

You can begin the verification process in the Verification section of the App Dashboard > Settings > Basic panel, or the Individual Verification tab in your account's Developer Settings panel.

To complete the verification process you must upload a copy of one or more of the documents listed in our What types of ID does Facebook accept? Help Center topic.