Transfer Ownership of an App

You can transfer ownership of an app, either individual to individual, individual to business, or business to business, using the App Dashboard and the Business Manager.

When transferring an app, if the new owner does not have the same access as the previous owner, the app will lose access until the new owner takes steps to gain acccess such as gets approved for permissions or features in App Review, or Business Verification.

Assign a New Owner

Step 1. Add the New Owner

Add the new owner as an Administrator of the app in the App Dashboard > Settings > Basic.

Step 2. Accept the App Administrator Invitation

The new owner must accept the Administrator role invitation for the app in their app dashboard.

Step 3. Remove the Previous Owner

Once the new owner has accepted the invitation, the new owner or the original owner can remove the original owner from the admin role of the app.

From here the new owner can add the app to their business, either in the App Dashboard or Business Manager.

Assign a New Business

Step 1. Remove the App from the Original Business

  • In App Dashboard > Settings > Basic, go to the Verification section and click Remove. This will bring you to the Business Manager > Business Settings > Apps.
  • Then, click Remove in the upper right corner of the App's section.

Note that you must have both an app administrator role on the app itself and have an admin role on the business that has claimed/created the app in order to be able to remove the app from the original business.

Step 2. Add the App to a New Business

In the App Dashboard

Follow the Business Verification guide to add the app to a new business.

In the Business Manager

Follow the Business Manager Help Center article to add the app to a new business.

Note: When using the business manager to add and remove app admins, the app admin performing the task must be an admin of the business.