App Modes

An app's mode determines who can use the app. App users can be broadly split into two groups: users who have a role on the app itself (role users) and those who do not (non-role users).

Note that Business apps do not have app modes and instead rely exclusively on access levels.

Development Mode

Apps in Development mode can only request permissions from role users, and only permissions with standard or advanced access levels (applies to Consumer apps only). Similarly, features will only be active for role users, and only features with standard or advanced access levels (Consumer apps only).

Apps in Development mode cannot be searched for by the public through our tools and APIs, and if your app is eligible to be listed in the App Center, it will be hidden.

Any data generated while an app is in Development mode, such as test posts, can only be seen by role users. However, that data will be visible to non-role users once the app is switched to Live mode.

All newly created apps start out in Development mode and should not be switched to Live mode until app development is complete.

Live Mode

Apps in Live mode can request permissions from anyone, but only permissions approved through App Review. Similarly, only features approved through App Review are active for app users.

Consumer apps behave a little differently since they also rely on access levels. Consumer apps in Live mode can request permissions with Advanced Access from anyone, but permissions with Standard Access can only be requested from role users. Similarly, Advanced Access features are active for everyone, but Standard Access features are only active for role users.

Apps in Live mode can be searched for by anyone using our tools and APIs, and if eligible, can be listed in the App Center.

If your app is a non-Business or non-Consumer app, you should only switch it to Live mode after you have completed app development and have completed App Review. Non-Business and non-Consumer apps in Live mode can only be granted approved permissions and only approved features will be active. This restriction applies to everyone, even users who have a role on the app itself, so switching to Live mode prematurely may make your app unusable for role users. In addition, data generated while in Development mode such as test posts will become visible to all app users once you switch.

Switching Modes

You can use the app mode toggle in the App Dashboard toolbar to switch between modes.

Screenshot of App Mode Toggle in the top toolbar.