The technical integration for Checkout with Facebook Products (including Instagram Shopping) involves the following requirements:


  • Your business is registered in the US
  • You have a US tax ID (EIN)
  • You have a US bank account
  • You can ship to US addresses
  • You have US State Tax IDs where you have nexus

Commerce-enabled Product Catalog

  • New Product Catalog OR an existing DPA Catalog supplemented with the following fields:
    • Size/Color variant for each individual product (if applicable)
    • Google Product Category (used for tax calculations)
    • Inventory levels (quantities)

Order Management integration

  • Orders are placed on Facebook Products, not on your e-commerce platform
  • We capture payments, and pays-out to your bank account
  • Orders are ingested in your OMS as pre-paid orders
  • API integration includes the following actions:
    • List orders to fulfill
    • Mark order as shipped (requires valid tracking numbers)
    • Mark order as cancelled
    • You must suppress fulfillment-related emails (order confirmed, shipped, etc)

Data transfer

  • Payment credentials are not shared
  • Phone numbers are not shared
  • Customer email addresses can only be used for fulfillment-related communications
  • Customer email addresses cannot be used for marketing purposes unless the customer opted-in
  • Full customer name and shipping address are available with each order

Customer support

  • Support via email only
  • Returns via email, or your return website


  • Allow at least 2 weeks of testing, including shipping orders physically