Integrating Instagram checkout is a cross-functional effort. Each team should be onboarded as early as possible and understand the scope of work, timeline, requirements and limitations.

Team Owned Components In Scope Tools

Project manager (PM)/project lead

Set up

Coordinate activities across multiple teams

Create project plan and timeline, facilitate smooth delivery

Create dev app

Business manager administration - create system users, generate access tokens, assign permissions

Business Manager UI, Facebook Apps UI

eCommerce Development/Infrastructure

Catalog, Order management

Create high-quality catalog, product feed

Schedule product feed uploads

Implement inventory strategy

Integrate with order management API

Implement a new internal payment method for pre-paid orders if necessary

Support API integration, coordinate technology development with in house or third party

Catalog, Catalog Batch API



Tax and cash reconciliation

Reports API, Commerce Manager

Customer Service

Customer service

Handle customer support cases and claims, order returns

Initiate payment refunds

Manage orders in the shop (optional)

Commerce API, Commerce Manager

Social Media

Catalog, Set up Instagram

Choose catalog in IG settings Tag products on IG

Catalog, Instagram