Validate the Integration

In order to verify the status of the integration there you need to make sure that the setup is correct.


  • App ID for OMS integration, app ID for catalog integration is it is different from OMS app ID.
  • Test commerce merchant settings (CMS) ID that was used for implementation which is mimicking a merchant setup and belongs to another business manager then the platform business manager that has the OMS app.
  • Test catalog ID that is linked to test CMS ID.

API Verification

There are few steps to verify each stage of the integration: onboarding, catalog setup, order management and finance reconciliation.


There are two ways to onboard new partner: manual or via commerce manager redirect with OBO.

Common checks are

  • Test CMS is fully onboarded to Facebook shop.
  • Admin of the Facebook shop can see the shop with products.
  • Test CMS is linked to the platform app for OMS: when placing orders the order status is “Pending acknowledgment” and not transition into “Pending”.

Specific check for each path are

Manual Onboarding

  • OMS App is added to test CMS business manager and have permissions to manage catalog and page.


  • Facebook login permission is implemented.
  • OBO calls were executed for CMS: OBO between BMs is set up, the system user is created in merchant BM, it has required assets, the token to manage the catalog and orders was generated.
  • Platform UI to start redirect flow is implemented.


There are three options how to work with catalog and inventory: scheduled feeds, Feed API and Batch API. Common check for all of them:

  • Check that the test catalog has more than zero valid products that are shoppable from Facebook shop by the page admin. Pixel is attached to the test catalog.

Scheduled Feed

  • Test catalog has at least one feed setup with a schedule that is regularly executed.

Feed API

  • Feed API calls are successful.
  • Error report or diagnostic report is pulled via end point.

Batch API

  • Both Batch API calls are implemented

Order Management

  • Pull/webhook for new orders: you receive new test orders from our API for selected test shops.
  • Ship: after the call order is marked as shipped and tracking number is provided in order details in UI or API. .
  • Cancel: after the call order items are marked as cancelled in UI or API.
  • Refund: after the refund call order is marked as refunded in UI or API and money returned to the customer account.


Finance payout endpoint is pulled regularly to see new payout information for the reconciliation.

End-to-end Flow

To validate that seller experience is correct, for a test account and first onboarded seller follow the seller test checklist.