Merchant Support

After you onboarding merchants into Facebook family of apps there might be multiple cases where they need help with our products. Here you can see when you can help them, when you need our help and when merchants need to reach out to us directly.

Facebook Commerce Manager support

There are multiple operations that are not available via API. Merchants would have to go to the commerce manager to deal with them. The list contains:

What can you do to help merchants?

Communication between buyer and seller is happening over emails only. There are two options to be included in this communication:

  1. In case you provide full customer care for merchants you can request access for your customer care team accounts to the commerce manager of the merchant. This is a hard to scale solution because it requires personal Facebook accounts for your customer care team to be linked into commerce accounts of your merchants.

  2. You can also monitor enquiries to/from merchants by adding your support email alias a part of or instead of the support email address setup in commerce manager settings for merchants, if merchants agree to it.

Our support team cannot provide information about the Commerce account of merchants to anybody else, but the merchant due to privacy reasons. So as a platform you need to send merchants to use the commerce manager help link.

Platform integration support

While the integration is in progress you can contact your account manager and technical representative about current integration questions.

After successfully launching your integration with us, we enable the Direct Support tool in your business manager which you can use in case of the integration issues to contact us.