Use this guide to onboard a seller into the commerce Facebook family of apps.

Onboarding Integration for FBE

Facebook Business Extention has a simple way to onboard your commerce sellers. Read more about integration details.

Manual Onboarding

Manual onboarding is very similar to a direct API integration. It requires onboarding via Commerce Manager and then, in addition, a permission setup for your application to manage assets (catalog, page, pixel, etc.). This method is lengthy and requires work with a seller. It is a good way to get familiar with our platform, but will limit your scale opportunities.

  1. Seller creates a Commerce Account through Commerce Manager.

  2. Seller Business Manager admin requests access to your app in their Business Manager, then follow API Integration Setup and share the Access Token with you.

Manual onboarding can be used for testing or as a temporary solution, but not as a scaled solution.

Commerce Manager Redirect & On Behalf Of

This is an automated way to provide same onboarding.

  1. Implement the UI to provide Facebook Login and redirect partners into Commerce Manager.

  2. When a seller finishes with the Commerce Manager setup, they will be redirected back to your platform to continue work.

  3. Execute OBO to have access to the newly created commerce account.

Read more about the redirect setup and the OBO setup.