Platform Integration

The commerce integration is a fast way to enable new distribution channels across the Facebook family of apps for your existing clients and a great way to acquire new sellers. Currently, you can provide access to Instagram Shopping with Checkout and Facebook Marketplace.

Integration consists of multiple steps:

Seller onboarding

There are a few ways you can onboard sellers in Facebook commerce. It is important to choose the right way to enable easy scale in future.

Catalog configuration

Provide all required information about seller products and inventory update strategy.

Order management

Update order statuses for orders placed across the Facebook family of apps.

Finance reconciliation

Provide information about bank payouts to your sellers.

Surface distribution

Both Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping with Checkout require sellers to comply with our seller access policies. For now please contact your representative to learn more about these opportunities.

Seller scale and support

Read more about how you can help your sellers and when you need to send them to Facebook to address their questions.