Payment and Data Flows

The Facebook Commerce Platform allows merchants to sell directly on Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about the Purchase and Payment flow as well as what data goes in and out of our platform.

Purchase and Payment Flow

When selling on Facebook or Instagram Shopping, orders are placed on our sales channels instead of your e-commerce platform. This means that Facebook or Instagram will authorize and capture the payment through our payment processor, and pay out to your bank account. Orders that do not clear our fraud and payment checks will be canceled and not passed on to you. Orders available to you are essentially pre-paid.

After a user places an order and you mark the order as shipped, the payment will be captured. You will then be paid on a rolling schedule. Payouts will go to a valid bank account that you have linked during set-up. Read the Finance and Tax section to learn more.

Data Exchange Flow

During set-up you will be requested to enter the following information in Commerce Manager, which is necessary to set-up your business, payment account and used to properly calculate tax on your behalf.

  • Business name
  • Business physical address
  • Business category
  • Admin contact (email address)
  • Customer support contact (email address)
  • Business representative (first name, last name, date of birth)
  • Employer identification number (EIN)
  • Bank account number, routing number, name on the account
  • State tax registration number (for each state where you have nexus)

After set-up, the information exchanged between your platform and Facebook or Instagram Shopping is limited to data required to fulfill orders. Once a user placed an order on your shop, the order will be enqueued for processing by you. You can fetch the order and change its state according to your fulfillment steps.

Data you receive:

  • Order details (product, price, tax, shipping cost)
  • Order status
  • Buyer full name
  • Shipping street address (2 lines)
  • Email address

Data you share:

  • Product Catalog
  • Order number
  • Shipping tracking number
  • Refund amounts (if applicable)

Finally, information related to your transactions, payouts and tax is available in a secured portal for you to view or download. This data is also accessible via API for automated access. Read the Finance and Tax section to learn more.