Customer Service

Buyers can contact you via email to get help with their orders. They initiate this support flow by tapping the “Get Help” option in their order details. They can provide additional information to better qualify their request, and attach a photo. This information will be forwarded to the customer support contact email address registered in your shop set-up. You must respond to this email within 2 business days.

The customer support email will be associated with a Facebook or Instagram domain, it will not be associated with the buyer's personal email address. Customer support emails are relayed through our systems, as we need to be able to monitor communications between buyers and seller in order to offer Purchase Protection.

Read the Customer Communication section to learn more.

Purchase Protection

If an item meets Facebook's eligibility requirements for Purchase Protection, buyers will see a “Covered by purchase protection” indication in the Product Detail Page for the item.

Customers should try to resolve issues with you first, by initiating a customer support request. If they can't resolve the issue with you directly, they can file a claim with Facebook or Instagram. We will review the claim to determine whether it qualifies for Purchase Protection, and issue a refund for the full purchase price of the item and shipping costs if the claim is approved.

Read our Purchase Protection policy to learn more.

Email Usage Guidelines

Unless the buyer has opted-in to share their email address with you for marketing purposes, you are required to restrict the use this email address for the purpose of fulfilling orders and providing customer service only.