Customer Communication

This section describes customer communication, which is a part of post-purchase customer experience.

Table of Contents

Transactional Order Emails

Customers will receive order updates via app notifications and via emails.

The following transactional order emails will be sent out:

  • order confirmation;
  • shipping confirmation;
  • delivery confirmation;
  • order cancellation;
  • return complete confirmation.

Although emails will be sent out by Facebook or Instagram, we will feature your business prominently so that it is clear who the seller is.

In addition to emails above, we may also notify a customer via email if their order shipment is delayed.

We ask that you suppress respective transactional order emails on your end to keep the experience consistent for all customers within our platform.

The order emails will be sent to customers from:

  • Facebook <>;
  • Instagram <>.

All order emails will contain a Facebook/Instagram order number in the email body. Your internal order number can be also added to order emails (except order confirmation) and displayed right below the Facebook/Instagram order number. For your internal order number to be displayed, you must provide it with the order acknowledgment API call in the merchant_order_reference field.

Customer Service & Claims

From Facebook or Instagram app, a customer can request order cancellation or return, reach out for help if their order is late or missing, damage or not as described, or it they have another question. These inquires will be directed to you through the customer service contact email address you provided in Commerce Manager.

As much as possible, we will connect the customer directly to your customer service team. We only get involved in disputes if you cannot reach a resolution directly with the customer or if the customer doesn't recognize their purchase.

To follow our Merchant Policies, you must respond to customer inquiries quickly and attempt to resolve issues within 2 business days.

While we maintain an internal record to monitor the service quality of sellers, it's your responsibility to keep track of customer service requests.

Case emails

A new support case is created when a customer requests help from the Facebook or Instagram app with one of the following reasons:

  • My order is late or missing
  • My order is damaged or not as described
  • I have another question

Once the request is submitted, your customer service team will receive a case email. For example, an Instagram case email format:

From: Instagram Support <case++{unique case number}>
To: {customer service contact email address}
Subject: Message from {instagram username}

Claim emails

If the customer service team is not responding to the customer’s case email within 2 business days, the customer can follow up and request help from Facebook/Instagram. This will create a new order claim that will generate a new request to both Facebook/Instagram and your customer service teams.

A new claim is also created if a customer requests help with the following reason: "I didn't make this order".

For example, an Instagram claim email format:

From: Instagram <>
To: {customer service contact email address}
Subject: A claim has been opened for order #{order number}

Your customer service team will receive an email when a new claim is created. Facebook/Instagram will be reviewing the claim and will contact you if needed. You don't have to respond to the claim email unless you requested by Facebook/Instagram support associate.

Make sure your Customer Service can receive emails from the following domains:


Whitelist the domains on your end if necessary.

Both Facebook and merchant order numbers will be added to an initial case email your customer service team receives.

Make sure your team can look up an order by the order number from the first email in the thread before contacting the customer requesting their order number.

Cancellations & Returns

A customer can only cancel an order within 30 minutes of their purchase in the Facebook or Instagram app. If it's too late to cancel the order, a customer may request a return within 30 days of the purchase, where available. Merchants can cancel customer's order after 30 minutes of the purchase, assuming the order has not been marked as shipped.

Per our returns policy, merchants must accept returns for a minimum of 30 days (except for "final sale" items). The return period can be specified in your Commerce Manager settings. The return policy for a product is visible to a customer on the order confirmation.

Edge Cases

Re-ship / Exchange

If a customer claims they didn’t receive their shipment or if their items were damaged on delivery you can choose to re-ship the order as a replacement. The re-ship scenario is not yet supported by Facebook Commerce Platform. It's your responsibility to notify the customer via email and communicate with them.

In-store returns

You may allow your customers to return items they ordered in-store. The refund will still have to be issued by Facebook since Facebook captured payment so you will still need to send a refund API request or refund using the self-serve Commerce Manager UI.

Sample Emails

Below you can see example email correspondence between the customers, the partner and our platform during various stages of order fulfillment.

Order Confirmed email

Order Shipped email

Customer support question through the app