Best Practices - Commerce Catalog


Use this checklist to maximize the quality of your product catalog:

  • id, title, description, price, inventory, link, image_link fields are present.
  • description has enough information for the customer to make informed decision to buy the product. Add material, sizes, other details if needed.
  • additional_image_link to add more product images (up to 10).
  • Product images satisfy Instagram requirements.
  • Either gtin, or mpn, plus brand fields are present.
  • rich_text_description (preferably) or description fields are present, well-formatted (no extra spacing, punctuation is correct), and informative (may contain information on item size, volume, origin, and so on).
  • description field must not contain HTML tags or character entities.
  • availability and inventory fields are populated according to an agreed strategy.
  • link URL responds with HTTP 200 OK.
  • price is in the correct format and currency.
  • sale_price is provided for items on sale.
  • google_product_category is (at minimum) 2 levels deep. Alternatively use commerce_tax_category.
  • Pproduct variants are sharing the same item_group_id.
  • Variant fields (such as size or color) value is present for every product variant sharing a common item_group_id, even those that are out of stock.
  • offer_price and offer_price_effective_date are present if you're planning for the product to be featured as a Daily Deal. Read the Daily Deals section for more information.

Diagnostics Tool

Additionally, check the product catalog diagnostics tool for the following information each time you upload a new product feed:

  • Fix all upload errors, a product marked with an error will be rejected from your catalog.
  • Verify all warnings. Some of warnings may affect product ingestion and prevent your product from being tagged or available for purchase.
  • Ensure that each product complies with the Facebook Commerce Policies. Products that violate the policy are marked as rejected and are unavailable for tagging or purchase.