Hola Launcher Creates Personalized Experiences with Facebook Developer Tools

Headquartered in China, Holaverse is a mobile internet company that designs apps that are lightweight and consumer-friendly. Hola Launcher, Holaverse’s foray into the home screen personalization vertical, is a home screen UI replacement enjoyed by over 200 million people worldwide and it won Google’s Best App of 2015 award. Facebook Login and Facebook Analytics for Apps helped Hola Launcher gain deep consumer insights that informed important product decisions.

Available on: Direct APK, Android

"Not only has Facebook provided a stable, light-weight SDK, there's also great online documentation and easy-to-access help when it comes to integrating it into our app. Their products have helped us build and monetize throughout our product's life cycle, helping Hola Launcher grow bigger yet stay lean." - Leo Zhang, Senior Tech Lead, Holaverse

Personalizing Experiences with Graph API

Hola Launcher provides additional features, such as backing up their settings and storing their min-game scores to people who create an account with Facebook Login. Apart from just providing a fast and convenient solution to account creation and user authentication, using Facebook Login allows Hola Launcher to collect information from people via Graph API.

With people's permission, Hola Launcher collected information such as gender, timezone and locale, and used them to recommend wallpapers, themes, and news articles from their Holazine magazine. By providing a personalized experience on Hola Launcher, the app saw 160% more usage time from people who are logged in with Facebook Login.

Graph API also let Hola Launcher know who are using multiple Holaverse apps. By retrieving a Facebook user's openId number and comparing the 'ids_for_business' associated with that user, Hola Launcher was able to understand what other apps from Holaverse were also used by that person. This data has helped optimize recommendations made in Hola Launcher.

Improving Conversion Rates with Facebook Analytics for Apps

As Facebook Analytics for Apps is completely free and has no limit on the volume of events that an app can send, Hola Launcher tracked over 2.5 billion events per month and saved US$10, 000 every month on analytics solutions.

With the use of App Events, Hola Launcher could segment people based on their usage patterns and place ads to obtain customers with similar demographics. In a specific case, Hola Launcher wanted to acquire more users for one of its app's core features, Hola Boost. This is a boost widget that frees up memory in one's phone. To acquire more customers, Hola Launcher first creates an App Event that tracks people who use Hola Boost. They then segment out the top 10% active users of that feature to create a Custom Audience based on this group of users. With this Custom Audience, it could create Lookalike Audience and placed ads with creatives that highlighted the Hola Boost feature.

By using the right messaging for the right audience, its ad conversion rate increased by 33%. People acquired from these ads also spent 50% more time using the Hola Boost feature.


  • 160%
    more time spent by Facebook Login users
  • 33%
    increase in ad conversion rates
  • 2.5B
    billion events tracked every month

Facebook Products Used

  • App Invites: performance is 3.5X better than previous version
  • Facebook Analytics for Apps: tracked over 2.5 billion events per month
  • Facebook Login: used basic customer information to recommend personalized wallpapers and themes, increasing the person's time in the app 160% over non-logged in users