Camera Effects Platform

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The beta version of AR Studio is now accepting applications.

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Frame Studio is now available in your desktop browser.

What is Camera Effects Platform?

Camera Effects Platform connects art and technology to build new experiences for the Facebook camera. The camera offers new ways to share and express yourself, powered by an augmented reality (AR) engine featuring world-class face tracking, 3D rendering, and a reactive JavaScript framework.

Our platform includes AR Studio and Frame Studio, tools you can use to build everything from the simplest frame to the most complex interactive effects.

Who is Camera Effects Platform for?

We want to give people more ways to express themselves in the Facebook camera. That's why we opened up the platform to artists and developers, giving them powerful tools to shape and stylize the world.

Artists and Designers

Whether you're a professional artist or first-time creator, Camera Effects Platform empowers you to explore a new medium, gain exposure and give your fans a new way to share and express themselves.


Developers can build engaging, interactive and personalized camera experiences with code-driven animations, touch interaction, and in-scene data from mobile apps or web services.

AR Studio and Frame Studio

AR Studio

AR Studio includes tools for building masks, animations and advanced scripted effects. With it, you can design effects that respond to motion, gestures, facial expressions and more.

Many effects can be built without scripting or writing a single line of code. However, you can add more complex interactivity and animation with scripts, including bringing textures or data from outside sources into the scene, making art react to facial movements or taps, and connecting outside mobile apps directly to the camera for sharing.

The beta version of AR Studio is now accepting applications.

Frame Studio

Frame Studio allows artists to create frames for profile pictures or for people to discover in the Facebook camera. Designing a frame is easy: create art in your favorite design tool and build the frame right in your desktop browser.

Frame Studio is now available.