After Release

Promote Your Effect

Once your effect is approved and available for people to use in the camera, share it! Promoting your effect is the best way to help people discover it and encourage them to use it. Post photos or videos that use the new effect, use it in your daily story, and encourage your fans and followers to use it. If your effect is associated with a Page, you'll be prompted in the approval notification to share your effect to your Page as a post.

Look for creative ways to show off and share your effect. The more people who use and share your effect, the more people who will see it in News Feed and Stories, and the more successful your effect will be.

Manage Your Effect

After your effect is released, you can view and manage your effect in Spark AR Hub. Here you can update targeting details like changing the schedule for when your effect is available, duplicate your effect to make a new version, and disable or archive your effect.

Keep in mind that you can't make changes to your effect's appearance or in-camera functionality once it has been submitted because that would require a new submission and approval. If you want to make changes to your effect, you will need to duplicate it and submit it again.