(get) state: StringSignal
(set) (Not Available)

Specifies a StringSignal representing the loading state of the external texture. The value of the signal is guaranteed to be a member of the TexturesModule.ExternalTexture.State enumeration.


(get) url: StringValue
(set) url: StringSignal

Specifies the URL of the texture to be downloaded.

height (inherited from TextureBase)

(get) height: ScalarSignal

Gets the height of the texture in pixels.

name (inherited from TextureBase)

(get) name: String
(set) (Not Available)

Specifies the unique texture name. The texture name is specified in AR Studio at design time.

See Also: TexturesModule.get.

width (inherited from TextureBase)

(get) width: ScalarSignal

Gets the width of the texture in pixels.


This class exposes no methods.