diffuse (inherited from MaterialBase)

(get) diffuse: TextureBase
(set) diffuse: TextureBase

Specifies the texture that forms the basis of this material.

diffuseTextureTransform (inherited from MaterialBase)

(get) transform: TextureTransform
(set) transform: TextureTransformSignal

Specifies the coordinates transform of the diffuse texture of this material.

doubleSided (inherited from MaterialBase)

(get) doubleSided: BoolValue
(set) doubleSided: BoolSignal

Indicates whether the material can be seen from both sides when rendering the scene.

Note: When FALSE, only the side specified by object's Cull Mode is rendered.

name (inherited from MaterialBase)

(get) name: String
(set) (Not Available)

Specifies the unique identifier for the material name. This value is specified in AR Studio at design time.

See Also: MaterialsModule.get.

opacity (inherited from MaterialBase)

(get) opacity: ScalarValue
(set) opacity: ScalarSignal

Specifies a number between 0.0 and 1.0 indicating the opacity, or alpha component, of the material. 0 is transparent and 1 is opaque.


This class exposes no methods.