Getting Started

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Follow these steps to get started with the Solution to Onboard Clients at Scale.

Step 1. Create a Business Manager

Create a Business Manager

This BM will be referred to as a Parent BM. Visit the Business Manager docs to learn more.

Step 2. Open a Line of Credit

Reach out to Facebook and open a Line of Credit within that Business Manager if one doesn’t already exist. The line of credit will show up as a payment method in Business Manager.

Step 3. Share the Line of Credit

Once you have a credit line setup in Business Manager you need to mark that as shareable so that your Child Business Managers can access it. You can do that by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Line of Credit payment method in the BM.
  2. Click on Credit Settings and select Manage Credit allocations with your app. The Credit Allocation API lets you allocate your extended credit to another business and adjust allocations directly from your own application. You'll need to read and accept the Legal Terms before you can use the API.

Step 4. Create a Facebook Marketing App

Create a Facebook Marketing App if one doesn’t already exist. You can create one by clicking on the Create an Ads App button. Ask Facebook to whitelist the app granting it permission to access the API endpoints used in the Two-tier Business Manager Solution.

Step 5. Assign App Permissions Via App Review

In your App Dashboard, click App Review in the left side panel. Start a Submission to request extended manage_business permission. These permissions enable your app to retrieve Page access tokens to create a Business Manager on behalf of a person.

In the App Review flow, you will select the business_management scope for your app.

App Review requires your app to be public, no longer in development mode, so you may want to add Basic settings, like an App icon or logo, in your App Dashboard. To learn more about App Review, please visit the App Development docs.

Step 6. Create an Admin System User

Create an Admin System User if one does not already exist. System users represent servers or software making API calls to assets owned or managed by a Business Manager. The easiest, quickest way to create a System User is in the Business Manager tool, see Ads Help Center, How do I add a new System User. Once you have an Admin System User, generate a long-lived access token and store it for later use.

Step 7. Grant a Finance Editor Role

Grant the Admin System User a Finance Editor Role by going to the People and Assets tab in your Business Manager and select Admin System User. Click the Edit button next to Admin System user's name. Now change the Finance Role to Finance Editor.